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What a wonderful journey you are about to begin! Whether you're about to become a parent or your journey has already begun, you have come to the right place!Our aim is to give you and your baby the opportunity to bond and thrive in a relaxing environment surrounded by support.

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Baby Massage

As a mum myself and having worked in childcare for most of my adult life, I understand how important that initial bond with your baby is. I also know that sometimes it can be a struggle, those sleepless nights really get to you!At Buddha Baby Wellness, we want to create an inclusive atmosphere where we not only focus on building a bond with our lovely babies, but also with each other. There is nothing more important than human connection.Join our 5-week course from six weeks old for just £45.

Baby Yoga

Following on from Baby Massage we get those little bodies moving a little in Baby Yoga.Baby Yoga will help your little one develop in all sorts of ways from digestion, brain stimulation, muscle toning and strengthening right through to promoting deeper sleep (those magic words).We recommend starting Baby Yoga from about 16 weeks right up until baby starts crawling.Join our Baby Yoga 5-week course for £45.


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